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"Saratoga" is a name steeped in historical significance and is inspired by the pivotal Battle of Saratoga (during the Revolutionary War in 1777), where American colonial forces achieved victory over the British Empire. This battle marked a turning point in American history, leading to the nation's victory in the war and its freedom and independence.


Our ethos at Saratoga is deeply intertwined with the fundamental values of American heritage, embodying a profound respect for freedom and a dedicated commitment to spreading the circle of happiness and well-being to many people over the long term. By embracing these ideals, Saratoga pays homage to its namesake's enduring legacy and its monumental role in shaping history.

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In the heart of Chicago's vibrant West Loop, Saratoga Realty Investors began in 2011— started by Max Hoshino, our founder and CEO, who envisioned a firm that would stand apart in the world of cross-border investment and specialized wealth guidance.  Characterized by independent thought, private ownership, and a solid fiduciary duty, Saratoga embodies these values in every action.

With a portfolio that's as broad as it is deep, Saratoga manages $400 million in assets.  From the rocky heights of Colorado to the bustling streets of Chicago, and up to the picturesque harbors and natural beauty of Seattle, stretching across the diverse landscapes from California and Texas to Tennessee and Florida—we're more than just numbers on a page; we're a living, thriving testament to smart investment and solid growth.

We're Saratoga—where strategy meets substance, and where every property in our 74-strong portfolio of over 1,770 units is a marker of our mission to invest wisely and grow wisely.


Our philosophy is straightforward yet profound: look ahead, find value, and act with integrity. We are more than advisors; we are custodians of trust, actively engaging in the market to unearth unique opportunities in less trodden, thinly traded, and illiquid spaces.

Our  CORE PHILOSOPHY  centers on fundamental analysis, assessing key factors driving performance and understanding supply and demand dynamics, pivotal for identifying future opportunities. In our decision-making process, the concept of value is central. We diligently assess the intrinsic worth of assets to ensure genuine investments.  Our perspective focuses on value, guiding us to seek growth opportunities with promising returns at reasonable prices.

We exercise caution amidst prosperity, being mindful of risks in an overheated market. Prudence guides us through market fluctuations confidently. Our investment focus includes exploring special situations, recognizing potential in neglected and misunderstood markets. Value addition is our cornerstone, as we seek opportunities to make a tangible, positive impact for our managed investments. This commitment is the driving force behind our investment strategy.

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